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What is the best defense when facing DUI charges?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

Nothing can change the course of an evening out like seeing the flashing lights of a law enforcement vehicle in your rearview mirror. Once you pull over, you may find yourself subject to questioning from the police regarding your activities for the evening, including whether you have been drinking. It can be overwhelming to discover that the reason for your traffic stop was suspicion of drunk driving. After this initial conversation with the officer, you may have to submit to various tests, and then an officer may place you under arrest.

If you find yourself under arrest for drunk driving in Missouri, you may wonder what is next for you. There is a lot at stake, including your future interests, and you will benefit from learning more about what you can do to build a strong defense strategy that will allow you to confront the charges you are up against. Each case is different, and the right approach for your DUI defense will depend on the details specific to your situation.

The ideal strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will be best for your DUI defense. It is beneficial to carefully analyze the details of your case, your criminal history and other factors to determine the most appropriate way forward. Although every case is unique, the following are examples of common defense strategies that you may be able to apply to your case:

  • The police officer did not properly administer the field sobriety tests.
  • There was no probable cause to initiate the traffic stop.
  • There was an issue with the field sobriety test.
  • The results of the breath test were inaccurate due to issues with the device.
  • There was a problem with the chain of custody of a blood sample.
  • The actions of the police were improper or violated your rights.

Regardless of the details of your case, you have the right to defend yourself against any accusations and criminal charges.

Fighting for your future

A DUI has the potential to change your life in various ways. You would be wise not to underestimate the potential impact this type of criminal charge can have on your future, but to take immediate steps to protect your rights, shield your interests and seek the best possible outcome to this situation. While there is a lot at stake for you, you do not have to face these accusations on your own.